Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Yes, it’s Olive Oil in the glass

From time to time I try and post non related wine information if I think it is relevant, and will help others. I recently read a shocking article about counterfeit Italian olive oil. Basically, we are being ripped off. The vast majority of what you find on U.S. store shelves is not the quality that you thought you purchased.

More troubling is the possibility that criminals are diluting the oil with seed based products that could be deady to those with nut allergies. In addition, other cheap chemicals, that you wouldn’t want to consume on their own, are added to help fool the buyer.

What you can do to ensure that you purchase the real thing…

• Purchase products from Libera Terra, the organization that is trying to combat Italian criminal agriculture tampering. Unfortunately the home page is in English but ordering is all in Italian…

Buy direct from Italian producers. Expensive, but you get what you pay for…

2 very small Italian producers I know personally, and can recommend- Tolerant Taster approved!

Pamela Sheldon Johns

Rebecca Wine

Buy Domestic Oil– there are some excellent producers here, in the U.S.A, and 9 out of 10 passed quality tests run by UC Davis.

Here are two that passed labratory testing:

KirklandEVOOKirkland Organic EVOO (at Costco)

California  Olive Ranch– buy direct from the producer.




• Purchase Oliive Oil from other countries

OandCoO & Co.- one of our favorite gifts to give and receive. Their oils are produced around the Mediterranean- Green label- Italy, Blue label-France, Red label-Portugal and they are individually tested.

Portugese Olive Oil– suggested by a friend and local wine aficionado because as he says, “who would bother to counterfeit it?”


If you have any trusted recommendations please share and I will post them for others.


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