A few of my favorite things…

Summer Edition:

Here are a few of my favorite wine accessories for the summer:

• Stainless flasks

I purchased the Klean Kanteen Wine Karafe a few years ago. It is the perfect size (800mL fits 1 bottle of wine), chills quickly, and is more practical to put into a cooler than a standard bottle of wine. This became a popular gift for me as everyone I know travels with wine.

For some reason, it isn’t manufactured (branded as a wine carrier) anymore??? Strange because they now have beer specific containers. Also the original lid was made of the same material as the neck it screws into 18/8 stainless.

Others I recommend:

Klean Kanteen (general purpose) 27oz.Note: the lid is now made of plastic (harder to seal than the original Wine Karafe).

Hydro Flask- 24oz. Note: A standard bottle of wine is 25.4 oz. Not sure why they chose to manufacture this size?? You can pour a small overflow glass to “check” the wine before you pack it for the beach.

Since wine is acidic be careful not to use inexpensive “knockoffs” and especially NOT plastic or aluminum which can leach into your drink.

NEW PRODUCT: Corkcicle 25oz.– a new entry in the wine canteen business. I have not tried this but it seems very promising- “keeps drinks ice cold for up to 25 hours.”


Rabbit® wine stoppers

Wine stoppers…I have tried them all. These are brightly colored (fun) and with the flanged ridges provide a really good seal for your wine. Since they are flat on top they don’t make the bottle significantly taller which helps if you are going to put the wine back into the fridge.

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