The best (functional) wine glasses?


My wife and I recently purchased a new (somewhat expensive) rug and I have to be honest, we sometimes eat in the living room.

Since wines can spill...

To protect our rug “investment” we purchased Riedel stemless wineglasses.

I am very aware of the arguments against stemless glasses:

1. Holding the glass by the bowl (and not the stem) warms the wine.

2. Fingerprints and palm prints !

However, sometimes, the pros outweigh the cons:

1. No spillage (so far so good).

2. Less breakage- hard to knock over and no stem to break.

3.  Fit in all sections of a dishwasher.

4. Stackable for efficient cabinet storage

5. Easier to transport to wine tastings/events.

6. Excellent value.






Riedel value packРBuy 6 get 8 Cabernet/Merlot glasses are suitable  for both reds and whites! $75. When purchased with 20% Coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond- $60 for 8- $7.50 per glass.

Another great option if you want a functional, durable wine glass with stem: Riedel Overture Magnum has a short stem but a full size bowl.

What is your favorite glass?

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