Under $15 Bargain wines…are these really the best?


Many magazines, retailers and websites offer “15/50/150 under $15”, “our best values of the year (under $15)” etc.

Why not under $10? Here is why:

Cost of bottle- $1

Cost of label-25¢

Cost of cork-25¢

Cost of cardboard case that wines are shipped in- 25¢

Cost of capsule (foil at top of bottle, if used)-5¢

Roughly $1.8o, without any wine in the bottle!

If you add in cost of transport and taxes, labor costs, markup and margin for the 3 tier system- an empty bottle of wine costs approximately $7.99.

$8- without grapes, machinery, storage, land, barrels, tanks…

So, if you can find a great wine for under $10- you have truly found a bargain.

The bargain list gets much larger (and more interesting) when you increase the budget to $15 so here are some of those recent lists…

50under15Food & Wine issued their latest list of bargain wines- attached photo on the right. Considering that I have recently discovered and recommend a few of the wines on this list I will definitely try some others…

Food and Wine 150 under $15– another F&W list.

Wine Enthusiast recently published their list of bargain wine.

I recognize very few wines on this list and it is very heavy on wines produced in the U.S. I think there are much better values for white wines (SW France, Chile, Spain),and reds (Chile, Argentina, Italy, Spain). But if you tend to drink domestic wines this could be a good resource. Also, this is an excellent tool to help you easily breakdown the suggestions into numerous categories. I like this a lot.

 Please share some of your favorite under $15 wines…

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