SoWe Food & Wine Festival- Bargain Wines of the week

WineTentWhen you are provided 300 bottles of wine to taste what should you do?

I heard one older gentleman say, “I am going to find all of the wines over $100 and drink them all.”

 2 strategies I suggest:

1.  Try something totally different. Stay away from all of the wines that you would normally buy…you know what they taste like anyway. Take pictures of the ones that you like and then see if you can spot a trend. (all reds, all European wines…). This will help you find your wine “profile”.

2.  Pick the type of wine you normally buy (Chardonnay for example) and try as many brands as you can.

This helps to define what style of that wine you like (oaked, unoaked, full bodied, New World/Old World).

When you find ones you like, ask the pourer to tell you about the wine. This will help you to better describe what you like, in a retail shop or to a waiter at a restaurant.

I was on a bargain hunt! After sampling 40 wines these are the bargains (under $15) I recommend:


NePriCa1. Neprica Tormaresca– made by Antinori. The wine is named by the grapes in the blend (Negroamoro, Primitivo, Cabernet) This one is sooo easy to drink and under $10.



2. Trentadue Sonoma County Old Patch Red 2011- $13– Zinfandel with Petite Sirah. This one is refreshingly light and fruity but with plenty of stuffing to drink into dinner. Great with BBQ I would think…


3. Carol Shelton Wild Thing Old Vine Zinfandel 2011-$13– Most Zin is very high in alcohol and so full bodied that it overpowers most food, not this one!




Mayu_SauvBlanc1. Mayu Sauvignon Blanc 2013. The most interesting wine of the day this wine had a distinct aroma of Jalapeno pepperseriously. $15

2. Hobo Wine Company Banyan Gewurztraminer– $12– The wine maker is Thai and his mission was to create wines that would pair well with South Asian cuisine– Mission accomplished.

3. Picpoul de Pinet Chateau Maris 2013 $12– the grape is Picpoul, the wine cellar is made of hemp???!!!  And the wine is delicious.

4. Pine Ridge Chenin/Viognier 2013– $13– An excellent blend. Something different to try for typical white (Chardonnay, Sauv Blanc) lovers.

The Southern Westchester Wine & Food Event was $30 admission so for the price of roughly 2 bottles of wine you can  learn a lot about your wine preferences.


Feel free to share your wine tips with me here!




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