In Pursuit of Balance Wines 2013

I virtually “attended” In Pursuit of Balance Wines which was held in San Francisco.
Basically this is a group of California winegrowers who aim to produce great wines (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir only, for now) in the vineyard and in the cellar by keeping all of the components of a wine (acidity, alcohol, fruit) in balance.

When a wine is in balance it pairs well with food and is very easy to drink.
If you had some bad experiences with poorly made California wine (too buttery, oaky, alcoholic fruit bomb) then you might consider trying some of the wines on this list.

List of “Member Wineries” :

Note: linksĀ  provided for those that have either Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, that you can easily buy, under $30.

Anthill Farms Winery
Au Bon Climat– Chardonnay under $20
Bluxome Street Winery
Calera Wine Company– Chardonnay under $20
Chanin Wine Company- 3 year old Chardonnay on 40 year old Riesling vines!!
Cobb Wines
Copain Wine Cellars
Drew Family Cellars
Failla- Pinot Noir
Hirsch Vineyards
Knez Winery– Pinot Noir under $30
Kutch Wines-Pinot Noir
LaRue Wines
Lioco- Chardonnay– Chardonnay $20, Pinot Noir around $30
Littorai Wines
Mount Eden Vineyard– Chardonnay around $20
Native9 Wines– Pinot Noir under $30, Chardonnay around $30
Ojai Vineyard– Chardonnay under $30
Peay Vineyards– Pinot Noir under $30
Red Car
Sandhi Wines– Chardonnay under $30
Soliste Cellars
Twomey Cellars
Tyler Winery
Varner– Chardonnay under $20
Wind Gap Wines

Let me know if you discover one that you love!



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