Spanish Wines…What do you know about them?

Attending an event hosted by the Greenwich Wine Society to taste and learn about wines of Spain…

What I already know about Spanish wines:
1. I really enjoy them, especially Albariño (white wine grape) from Rias Baxias the Rosés of Navarra, and the reds of Ribera Del Duero, Priorat, and Rioja Alta (made from Tempranillo, mostly)

2. The main red grape of Spain is Tempranillo, which is also traditionally  blended with Garnacha (Grenache), Manzuelo and Graciano.

3. The main white grape is Viura, which plays an important part in Cava, which is traditional method (Champagne style) sparkling wine.

Cava is made from these Spanish grapes:
Parellada- (pair-ee-ah-tha)-the  main component, light, crisp, with high acidity
Macabeo- (mah-cah-bay-oh) (aka: Viura) soft, fruity, less acidic
Xarel-lo- (char-el-oh) aromatic, intense- gives wine it’s impact

4. The wines of Spain are some of the only wines in the world that universally have aging requirements built into their wine laws. So generally, quality Spanish wines have older vintage dates on the bottle when they are on your store shelves.

Here are the aging classifications:
Jovenno oak at all. great chilled in the summer…ask for these if you like light refreshing reds
Crianza- aged at least 2 years, minimum 1 year in oak barrels. Released to the market after October 1, 2 years after harvest.
Reserva- Aged 3 years minimum, minimum 1 year in oak. Released to the market after October 1, 3rd year after harvest.
Gran Reserva- Only made in select vintage years. Aged 5 years minimum, minimum 2 years in oak. Released to the market after October 1, 5 years after harvest.

If you like vanilla, wood, leather, in your red wines, Spain might be just what you are looking for…

Excited to see what else I learn…


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