This wine is like a great red Bordeaux only BETTER and CHEAPER!

My wife was out of town so being a “bachelor”… I grilled my dinner (steak). I was looking for a good wine to pair with it and after I tasted this one, it blew me away.

May de Lencquesaing, then owner of the famous Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande (Bordeaux), purchased this South African property in 2003.


Grand Vin de Glenelly 2007, Stellenbosch South Africa.

It is not a traditional “Bordeaux blend” because Bordeaux is typically made with a combination of these 6 grapes historically grown in the region:

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon
  2. Merlot
  3. Cabernet Franc
  4. Malbec
  5. Petit Verdot
  6. Carmenere (very rarely used)

This wine contains Syrah (called Shiraz in Australia and South Africa), and a healthy dose of it, but the blend is superb and the “nose” reminds me of wines from some of the best regions in Bordeaux (St. Julien, Pauillac)

Prices for 2007 Pichon Lalande (the wine she produces in France) range from $56-$170.

This is a big, chewy wine but it is balanced, and fresh. Any lovers of Rhone wines (Syrah) or Napa Cab drinkers should RUN out and buy as much of this as possible. I already did! Under $20.

Find it near you and tell me what you think…

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