4th of July- Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Watermelon Wine…


One of my favorite things on a hot summer day is ice cold watermelon. Read on for 2 ways to have watermelon, without the seeds, or the mess.

IZZE esque Sparkling Watermelon– I don’t believe this is officially launched (I know people at PepsiCo). But when it becomes available, you should try it. IZZE was started in Boulder, Colorado, their products use all-natural ingredients (sugars and flavors-including grapes). The IZZE esque line is lower calorie, with a light sparkle, and very refreshing. Great for making “adult beverages” like IZZE watermelon and vodka.

Enanzo Garnacha Rosé Navarra is a pink wine from the Navarra region of Spain. It is made from Garnacha (Spanish for Grenache) grapes. It is produced using the traditional “free-run” technique, where the grape must is obtained by gravity alone. When the picked grapes are dumped into the collection tank, the weight bursts the skins and the liquid runs free. Free-run juice is considered the best since it requires the least amount of effort to extract, so it is less bitter.

Many Rosé wines have a flavor profile of pink/red fruits (strawberries, cherries, watermelon). This one, to me, is as close to watermelon wine as you get!

Around $8– this is a perfect summer wine– like all rosés it is great for your July 4th BBQ.

Enjoy OUR holdiay!!

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Enanzo Garanacha 2010

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