Wine of the Week-Early Fall Red

Beautiful warm weather, early fall day after apple picking…. what to drink?
I have the perfect suggestion…

Wine of the Week- any Bob Dylan fans?
Le Terrazze Praeludium- around $12 retail if you can find it.
Perfect for early fall/Thanksgiving

Praeludium-Fattoria Le Terrazze

When the weather turns cooler I think red wine. However it is still early fall and we have been blessed with 70 degree weather. Now I am thinking light to medium bodied, slightly fruity, red.

You might think I went for Syrah or Beaujolais (Gamay grape)?

Nope. Rosso Conero (Montepulciano grape and a dollop of Syrah) from Le Marche (lay MAR-kay) which is located on the back of the Italian boot (top of the calf). The wine is made by Bob Dylan fanatic Antonio Terni of Fattoria Le Terrazze. Several of his wines have received the Tre Bicchieri (three glasses) award which is the highest Italian honor for a wine to receive.

At my local wine shop they were trying to give this away! I was told that nobody knew it, the wine didn’t sell too well, so they priced it to move (barely over cost) I knew about the producer and love their other wines so I bought what they had left. So glad that I did!

It is the perfect slightly chilled (or not chilled) red for when you don’t want to be overpowered with oak, alcohol or full bodied complexity. This wine is slightly spicy and tastes of fresh ripe, juicy red and black fruits (strawberries, cherries,blackberries) not jammy or syrupy, not cooked or baked. Clean and simple, it is aged in stainless steel and best of all…when you see it on the shelves, it is ready to take home and enjoy NOW, no aging required.

Food pairing– since it is fruity and low in tannin you can drink it by itself. With food- think appetizers, simple salads or grilled chicken….or better yet…THANKSGIVING.

If this wine is not available (try my favorite wine-search engines) you could also try a good Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo (same Montepulciano grape but from Abruzzo). Also, if you want an amazing, balanced, fuller-bodied wine try any of Terni’s other wines. The base level Rosso Conero is for everyday drinking, Chaos or Sassi Neri is for a splurge. They are all excellent and Tolerant Taster approved.

To read more about Antonio Terni, his wines, and his relationship to Bob Dylan…
click here

To visit his website while listening to Bob Dylan…

click here

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