WineTentWhen you are provided 300 bottles of wine to taste what should you do?

I heard one older gentleman say, “I am going to find all of the wines over $100 and drink them all.”

 2 strategies I suggest:

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THE BEST recent wine vintages

by toleranttaster

wsvintagechart_cropI recently joined the American Wine Society and received this interesting reference (a vintage chart). There are numerous publications that provide vintage charts (with ratings, of course) but this one is different in that it ranks vintages against each other.

Basically this means that each wine region can only have one (or two) top vintages.

Also, these ranking are updated every year based on how the wines are aging.

To use the chart simply look at the wine regions and see where I have outlined the highest ranking in red. (1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest.

The highest numbers are the best vintages.

It’s that simple…

Let me know if you agree with their rankings.




2005_OakvilleRanch_6L Recently I was fortunate enough to try wine from a pretty large bottle. The wine was a 6L (holds 8 bottles) 2005 Oakville Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine was bursting of red/black fruit, especially cassis, had an excellent mid-palate and a long ROUND finish. I couldn’t believe how soft this wine tasted. I then asked the owner how long the bottle had been open. “Two days”, he replied “and it is finally drinking really well”. “Very tannic when we first opened it”.

So what is it with BIG bottles of wine? They are very hard to store. They are generally difficult to find. They almost ALWAYS cost more than if you had bought the single bottles, separately.

There are obvious fun factors- they are cool to break out at parties and it is entertaining to watch someone pour from the really large ones. However there are some very important reasons to go big…

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2013 Wine Spectator Top 100 under $20- the bargains.

This is the short list of wines, from the annual Wine Spectator Top 100 List, that are under $20. Last years list contained 27 wines under $20, this years, only 16. You know the drill… Ranking/wine/price. Red wines are colored red. If I have tried the wine, and would recommend purchasing, it is TOLERANT TASTER […]

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Thanksgiving wines! It’s that time of year, again…

Thanksgiving is one of the toughest meals to pair with a single wine. At a traditional meal you have savory elements (stuffing/gravy), and sweet elements (cranberry dressing), as well as a good amount of fat (flavor) but also delicate white meat. In addition, throw in some items that are hard to pair with anything (Brussels […]

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Wines of Uruguay- Not just Tannat

I was invited to a wine/food pairing dinner at Barlees  showcasing the wines of Uruguay. Going into the dinner I knew very little of this wine producing country other than it’s “signature” grape was an extremely tannic grape called Tannat. Tannat is originally from the Southwest of France (Madiran and Irouléguy) but, like Malbec, it […]

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Around the World QPR Chardonnay+ a Ringer

Memorial Day Blind Wine Tasting There is a term “ABC”- short for Anything But Chardonnay. But when it comes to Chardonnay it is not about the grape but rather the style of wine.  Chardonnay is a chameleon, not very distinctive on it’s own, but easily changed by soil composition, growing conditions (hot or cold), use […]

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